dimanche 13 décembre 2015

It was just a little robin ...

On the 13th of november, I was far from home (860 kms) in the south of France because of some medical cares for painful joints. I was there alone. 
The days after, a big sadness, a sorrow, a huge angriness were in my heart and I had an overwhelming feeling of powerless. 
One day, I tried to find again a semblance of calm by spinning. I decided to do it in the sun. 
As I was spinning and been lost in my thoughts, I heard a sound around me. 
A tiny sound of a bird.  
I looked up and I saw a little robin on the fence just front of me. 

He/she stayed with me for a while. 
I mean one hour at least ... 

He/ she was so cute, so sweet, so peaceful ... 
This little robin helped me to smile again.

He/ she surprised me in that he/ she stayed around by watching me. 
Sometimes still on the fence, sometimes in the grass. 

He/ she seemed to be so curious. 
 Why did this little bird stay here for so long ? Was it the wheel ? Was it my sorrow ?

Finally I don't mind why he/ she stayed there. 
He/ she made me happy at that time. 
He/ she was the beauty in this dark period of horrors. 

He/ she made me think about the incapability of humans to love each other. Most of animals are able to help, to share food, to share territories, to take after, to play with individuals of other species. Why most of humans do the opposite and kill the difference ? 
We can write tons of pages about this matter, it wouldn't change anything ! It's getting worse every day !!
I'm exhausted by how politicians are unable to take right decisions for people. 

This little bird gave me a quiet and peaceful moment ...
It was just a little robin ... 
that helped me to forget for a while the atrocities of this world. 

The days after, I saw a robin on my balcony. 
I bought some seeds ... 

What it the same robin ?
Was it  another one ? 
I don't mind. 
I fed him/her and I was happy to do something back for him/her. 
It was my way to thank them to be there and so kind !

I hope you all have some small things that help you surprisingly to feel better when everything becomes dark and completely mad all around you...

Please, Take Care 
See you soon 

8 commentaires:

  1. Such beautiful photos that are so reassuringly normal, giving a wonderful sense of peace. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Those little things of joy are the best and worse to recognize. Yes, when I look out of my window I can watch the birds too, also a little robin and I wonder what's going on in it's mind. Hope you are better. Be blessed, Birgit

  3. This is such a beautiful story among all the sorrow in this world. A beautiful bird is a message to you that life moves on.

  4. Tes photos sont belle Géraldine.
    I'm glad you had some comfort from this little robin. X

  5. What a beauty! I'm sure he was there to comfort you. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Beautiful post. There certainly is so much sadness in our world today whether it is in Paris, San Bernadino, or anyplace else.

    I'm glad that the sweet little robin could bring you just a little bit of peace.

  7. I am glad that you had this little robin to take care of you. I am sorry that you were so sad. xx

  8. What a sweet little friend you've made, Geraldine. Nature always surprises us with its power to heal.



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