mardi 18 août 2015

Handspun and dyed yarn ...

Thanks a lot for your interest in my work on raw fleeces and wool !!! Thank you for your lovely comments ... 
I'm not as often as I want on the net ... because of this work on the fleeces. I can't wait the winter to do it !! So, I'm living outdoors. And I'm not on my computer. Please, forgive me to be a so poor follower of your blogs !!! 

I told you last week that the lack of rain and then of water for washing the fleeces leads me to spin in the fleece. See this one, a white alpaca fleece : 

With 133 grs, I got 2 skeins of 213 m/ 233 yd each and of 2-plys.  
I washed them ... 

Before dyeing them : 

I used the Greener Shades to dye the fibers. 

What do you think of this first try of dyeing process ? 

I'm knitting it now : 

 It's a very thin yarn. I'm using 3,25 mm (US #3- UK #10) needles. 

I'm sooo happy with it !!! 

and I have so many to work on !! 

By then, 

Please Take Care
See you soon !! 

15 commentaires:

  1. How wonderful to knit with yarn that you've spun and dyed yourself! I wonder what you'll make with it? I love the colour - such a deep blue.
    Cathy x

  2. What a stunning colour. You have such a talent it is a great achievement to knit with a wool that you have spun and dyed yourself you must be really proud.

  3. What a beautiful colour!!!! How amazing to make your own yarn, dye it and then make it into something. I am in awe!!! xx

  4. Great job !!!
    Have a nice day !

  5. Tu avais un grand boulot. J'aime bien le couleur de la laine.xx

  6. This is such an amazing process, getting from 'that' to 'this', it is very interesting to follow your adventures.

  7. Beautiful. Looks like a lovely yarn all knit up. What will you be making with it.

  8. What a lovely colour, very nice to see what you do...
    Amanda xx

  9. Dear Geraldine!
    You're doing so amazing and wonderfull things, so please don't stop with this, enjoy, time for blogging will come later :-)
    Take care

  10. Wow, it turned out wonderful!! You're so talented, I know I always tell you so, but I'm really in awe... xx

  11. Wow!! What you have done is amazing! :-) the colour is so pleasing! :-)

  12. Wow your wool is just beautiful! I love that colour of blue. It's such an achievement to wash it spin it dye it...knit it! Can't wait to see it knit up !!

  13. The blue is beautiful, it must feel wonderful to spin, dye and knit your own yarn to make something truly unique. Hx

  14. Beautiful spinning, colour and knitting :)

  15. I love your yarn and your work in the fleece! It is so pretty! I wish I could do it too!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds



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