dimanche 5 juillet 2015

Ten years of joy ...

10 years of joy with her !! 
With who ? 
A child ? No. I have no child ...
So who ? 
... with my beloved cat Agathe of course ! 
I want to write this post about her because she deserves it. She's a brave cat with a painful beginning of life. 

Well, 10 years ago, on the 5th of july 2005, she followed me while I was going back home after work ...
She was still a baby, not weaned ... 
In fact, she was injured ...and disemboweled. More exactly, she had a hernia and the bowels were coming out. Over the 1st year, she needed 3 surgeries.
At the first surgery, she weighed 400 grs// 14.10 oz ! 

First surgery in july 2005.
She slept on my head ... 

She was very strong to withstand all this stress : the operations and two people ready to look after her. Indeed, she didn't know us although I think she'd chosen me... She probably felt that I could love her ! 

2d operation in october 2005

Since she's with us, she behaves like a baby ... 
She can sleep in my arms. 

She can kiss me in her way ...

She's sometimes funny ... as a cat !! 

She's going well now. Sometimes a disease, feline disease but nothing serious ... 

She's a beauty. 

She spends many hours in the garden ...

And she likes crafting too ...:-)) 

She likes sleeping in my studio ....

Well, you've understood that I'm proud of her. I think she has an easy life now although she has a weak constitution. She's a small cat. She may be easily sick. We must pay attention to every unusual sign on her body or in her behavior. 

A few years ago I did these paintings of her face. I love her eyes. 

We all have such stories about our beloved pets. 
However, I admire her strength and her bravery because if I hadn't met her she'd have been dead now. At that time, the vet said that she was close to 24 hours before dying ...
We could say that she was lucky to meet me that evening but in fact I'm often feeling that I'm the luckiest. 
She makes my days and each day. 
Now she's 10 years old. She's getting old. 
I hope she'll be with us for a long time ... 

Well, today it's our birthday ...

Thanks you all for stopping by and your lovely comments ...

Please Take Care
See you soon !

28 commentaires:

  1. What a nice tribute to your cat! I think you were both lucky the day you found each other. :-)

  2. Such a special story about Agathe. I'm absolutely sure that cats know who love them and that's why she chose you.
    You have taken some beautiful photos of her. I hope she continues to give you much love and pleasure for many years to come. x

  3. Un joli hommage à ta chatte !!!!
    et bonne semaine à vous deux !

  4. Dear Geraldine!
    She's such a beauty! And I'm quite sure that she just chose you and especially you.
    Do you know what? I don't if it's the same in France, but in Germany we call three colored cats: Luckycats. So I guess that's just what she ist: A lucky cat which bring luck and love to other.
    A big hug for saving her!

  5. Awe happy, happy birthday beautiful Agathe!
    Indeed you are so lucky to have each other. :)
    V x

  6. Lovely post, great to see her in such a caring environment. What a lucky cat to have such a lovely family. Great photos too BTW.

  7. Happy birthday, Agathe. You found YOUR special person and your special person has YOU!

    I would have read this posting with very different emotion last week. Having been found last week by OUR special kitten . . . I now know exactly how you feel. Giroux (our new kitten) says happy birthday to Agathe too!

    1. I know ... I've thought of yours when I was written this post ... it's a special meeting too with Giroux ... Thanks a lot and give him many cuddles...

  8. I think you were both lucky, she is certainly beautiful. You are a talented artist and have painted her wonderfully. Have a great week.

  9. Happy Birthday to your little one! What an amazing story! I am convinced cats choose their people - our beloved cat (who died last summer aged 16) found us too as a tiny tiny baby (he shouldn't have been away from his mommy yet) and my family nursed him :)

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  10. What a lovely cat, and what a happy ending for a sad beginning. She looks so happy healthy and loved :)

  11. C'est une belle dédicace pour ta chatte! c'est incroyable les liens qu'on peut tisser avec nos animaux.
    Ce sont de belles photos et ta peinture est surprenante!
    Miss, xx

  12. Ooh, she looks so much like my own baby! : ) They bring us so much joy, you can't help but love them... xx

  13. Your cat looks so pretty! really nice knowing your cat's journey and happy that she's at home and well now :)

  14. What a brave little thing, and how lucky that you found each other! x

  15. Happy Birthday! She is such a beauty and a very brave one too. Your paintings are marvelous.

  16. I am glad she met you and for you to take good care of her and love her. You paint very well.

  17. Happy Birthday, sweet Agathe!! She's such a cutie. And a lucky one that she found you :-). All the best and many, many further good years with her. Your paintings are wonderful, Géraldine, real masterpieces! I love especially the second one. Btw, I'm your new follower ;-). Just found your lovely blog and signed in. Wishing you a nice evening and a good week! Nata xxx

  18. Thanks for sharing this precious story and all the best to sweet Agathe in the years to come :)

  19. Bon anniversaire, Agathe est très belle et vous vivez ensemble une magnifique histoire !

  20. Your cat looks so happy and your love for her shines through so strongly, I hope you have many more happy years with her. Thank you for visiting my blog last week, I am just catching up with everyone now. Hx

  21. A great love story!
    The paintings of your cat are beautiful!
    I wish you many more happy years together !
    Tina xxx

  22. Such a beautiful story and such a beautiful kitty! It was clearly meant to be that she chose you :) Beth

  23. Hello Geraldine, Agathe is such an amazing cat, thanks for sharing her story and life with me. Hard to believe that she was once such a poorly cat. She is adorable.
    Hugs to you both,
    Ingrid xx



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