lundi 29 juin 2015

Little pleasure ...

Time comes to live outdoor. I love working on my woolly projects in my very green garden. 

My garden is generous in colors and in peace. 
Over spring and summer, birds are singing all around. 

My trees are generous in cherries and soon in plums and apples too. 

As the world is going crazy regarding the last tragic events in France and Tunisia, I appreciate all minute spending with the beauty and the peace of the nature. At least, that's what I try to do as often as I can. I need this peaceful time with Mother Nature. 

Please Take Care
See you soon !

23 commentaires:

  1. Your garden seems to be a very happy and peaceful place indeed!

  2. A lovely place to sit and create, beautiful photos..
    Amanda xx

  3. It is so nice to have a place of peace in this very unhappy and violent world. Your garden and your yarns are lovely.

  4. We all need a place of peace and calm in such turbulent times. Your yarn basket is beautiful.

  5. You are absolutely rght in this absolutely crazy world it's so important to make yourself a place to find new strength.
    And I just don't know what looks more delicious; the fruits or the wool...
    Take care,

  6. i have been taking lots of that fruit lately
    new post:

  7. Your garden is looking wonderful Geraldine, all that beautiful fruit.
    I love crafting outside too in the sunshine.
    Enjoy your garden,
    V x

  8. Your garden looks so pretty, and all that wonderful fruit! Yum!! Your wool and your fruit and flowers match beautifully! Terrible terrible world news this week, we all need a place of calmness and serenity,

  9. I love how you paired up the colours in your garden with your yarns ;) Yes, it does seem like the world is going crazy. Today we had police with drawn rifles and police dogs searching our yards for someone apparently walking through our quiet neighbourhood with a rifle. It left us all feeling unsettled. Eventually we went back outdoors to gain some pleasure from the day. I love being outdoors just as you do Geraldine. Your little spot does look so calming with the tiny daisies and the fruit growing above. Take care,

  10. Tu as un bien beau jardin, Géraldine, et tu sais apprécier chaque minute que tu passes dans la nature ! Bravo...

  11. What a beautiful garden you have - and those cherries look yummy! : )
    I couldn't help but notice your pretty wooden hook, is it of a specific brand? xx

    1. Thanks Valentina ! Well, my wooden hook is a Surina one, very light and so beautiful ...

  12. Un beau mélange de couleurs entre tes laines et les fruits de ton jardin !!!
    Profites bien !

  13. It's all looking lovely in your garden. I'm sure spending time out there with crochet must be a heavenly experience!

  14. Such lovely calming pictures to remind us there is also peace in the world. Your garden is lovely and I really like the crochet stripes!

  15. We all just have to keep going and keep thinking of beautiful things like your garden. xx

  16. love your yarn basket and such a beautiful, peaceful garden to sit as the world goes crazy around us. we are the lucky one's!

  17. It's amazing that my post today is so similar to yours .I'm referring to the effect Nature has on us on times of difficulty.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your colourful garden with us.
    Tina :)

  18. Your garden looks like a magical place. Wish I would sit there with you! We only have a balcony but right now it is far to hot to sit outside. Can't wait for the evening hours though!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  19. You are clever in the way you have matched your crochet colours with your garden colours - happy summer colours! Looking at them makes me happy, thank you!

  20. Crocheting in the garden! What pure joy! These pretty yarns make my fingers tingle.



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