mardi 2 juin 2015

Beautiful Perigord ...

I told in my previous post that I'd write about the beautiful nature in Perigord. 
I want to start with a sad topic. Indeed, Perigord is the region where is producted the famous "foie-gras" made with fat livers of geese and ducks. We all know the process : the force-feeding. I hate that ! 
And I hate so much that practice that I refuse to eat foie-gras. 
Well, what I mean is that region we've never seen gosses or ducks outdoors except at one place. I think it's astounding !  

Je vous avais dit écrire un petit quelque chose sur la nature périgourdine. Avant tout, je tiens à quelques mots sur la question du gavage pour la production de foie-gras. C'est une pratique que j'ai en horreur et d'ailleurs je refuse désormais d'en manger. 
Ce que je trouve ahurissant est que dans cette région de production, on ne voit jamais un seul canard, ni une seule oie en liberté. A l'exception d'une fois : 

Those geese are all force-fed. 
You can see below the neck damage of this practice ! 

Bien qu'elle soient dehors, toutes ces oies sont gavées et l'on voit ci-dessous le résultat de cette pratique au niveau du cou ! 

The shame of it !! 
C'est une honte !! 

I couldn't speak about that region without exposing this horrible practice ! I really hope that one day it'll be different ...
Indeed this region is so wild and green ...
There's a lot of space to let them free ...
I don't know what we can do against this cruelty except to boycott the products ! 

An other product comes from Perigord : the walnut. 
There're many fields of walnuts trees. 

Dans le Périgord : des noix et donc des noyers : 

In some fields, I was very happy to see poppies. I like so much that flower. 

And many daisies...

It's so green ... 

I love the forests there ... 

I think this spectacular : 

I love mushrooms ...

Once, I saw a caterpillars' nest ... 
Un jour, je suis tombée sur un nid de chenilles :

and a spiders' nest ...
These baby spiders are cute, aren't they ? 
Mais aussi sur un nid d'araignées ... 

And I met some interesting individuals ...

It was a pleasant stay in this region. 
On the Dordogne river banks, I could sit and crochet ...

This is what I did : 

I crocheted 2 cushions covers following the pattern I wrote last year. Now I must sew the cushions. 
J'ai crocheté 2 housses de coussins en suivant le modèle que j'avais écrit l'an passé. 

I don't how it can happen but I'm feeling like having no time for anything !!!! Do you feel the same ?! 
I have lot of work at the office, at home and almost no time for knitting or crocheting or spinning ! 
Furthermore, the weather is so chilly and windy here ... almost all the time. I'm tired of it !! 

Je ne sais pas comment c'est possible mais j'ai l'impression de ne pas voir de temps pour quoi que ce soit ! 
Beaucoup de travail au bureau, à la maison et presque pas de temps pour les loisirs ... 
De plus, j'en ai marre de ce temps froid et venteux !! 

Please Take Care
See you soon ! 

34 commentaires:

  1. Super photos, what a lovely place too.

  2. I too am fed up with this awful weather, we had high winds and rains like a winters day yesterday, the heating is back on. Beautiful pictures for a beautiful region.

    1. Thanks ! I'm fed up too ..the sun seems to come back slowly ....

  3. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us.
    I have never eaten foie gras, we don't often eat it here in Greece, but I am also very concerned
    about all the tortures animals, in general, go through before they 'reach' our plates..............

  4. De belles photos et souvenirs du Périgord !!! Comme toi, je ne mange pas de foie gras...
    Tes travaux de crochet sont trés beaux et colorés !!!
    Bises et bon travail !

    1. Merci Anna !! Tu boycottes aussi ou c'est pour le goût ? Bises

  5. It is horrible about the geese ... poor creatures. Your photos of the region are beautiful! What an enchanting area ... those snails and slugs on the log are amazing!

  6. The poor geese. Inhumane treatment of animals makes me very upset. I'm glad you were able to spend time in this beautiful place. Your photos are full of the sights of summer. Your cushion covers are really pretty too.

    1. Thanks Jennifer ! This kind of treatment makes me upset too !! The place I went is beautiful and I was lucky that the sun was there but now, I'm back at home and it's more in the north of the country and it's really chilly even if today the sun seemed to be warmer ...

  7. So sad about the geese. Hope one day something will stop it. Just want to say - beautiful post!

  8. Lovely photos! What a beautiful area, you take such beautiful nature shots. The baby spiders look like tiny gold glass seed beads. It is beyond cruel what they do to the geese, boycotting the product is the first step, spreading the word is the second. Thank you Géraldine. We are leaning more to being vegetarians just because of the inhumane ways animals are treated in the factory farms over here. The river Dordogne sure looks peaceful and I love your crochet cushion covers!

    1. Thanks my friend ! I Eat less and less meat ... I can't accept thoses treatments of animals. Well some things begins slowly to move about force-feeding here and in Europe but food industries are so big and powerful ... it's really really hard !!! As often as I can I speak about it and explain what happens for the geese and the ducks because people don't have the right informations about it !!

  9. What a wonderful photo reportage of Perigord dear Geraldine! Your pictures zooming on very interesting details reveal the beauty of a legendary land.I have never been there, France has everywhere so much to offer. Thank you for telling openly the inconvenient truth about ducks and foie gras production. Hope you are getting some rest, I feel the same when I'm back from holidays!!! Love your cushion!

    1. Merci Olympia ! Je me sens encore débordée... mais en réalité je fais tout de même beaucoup de choses !!!! Amitiés !

  10. Such beautiful plants and flowers!!!! They really are stunning aren't they. xx

  11. Gorgeous photos but such a sad story of the force feeding. I feel just like you no time to get anything done.

    1. Thanks Meredith !! that's sometimes so difficult to undertake and make all the things you have to do !!

  12. Lovely lovey photos.
    Lovely crochet.
    Not so lovely foie-gras - I think that there is a law in my country against importing it on moral grounds, I certainly don't eat it.

    1. Thanks a lot !! that's good to read that some countries don't import this product because of the cruelty on animals !

  13. A beautiful post, full of the wonders of nature. I love your photos of the river and all those wildflowers. A field of walnut trees is something I've never seen, and your wildlife photos are fantastic. I'm glad you featured the force-feeding of ducks and geese in your post, as it's an awful thing that I hope will be stopped.Your crochet is lovely and an unusual design, and I agree that there's never enough time - prioritising is tricky sometimes!
    Cathy x

  14. Salut Géraldine,
    J'ai aimé tes photos de Perigord.. et j'ai appris des mots nouveaux aussi!
    Les pauvres! Le pratique de gavant les oies est trés triste.
    à la prochaine. x

    1. Merci Fiona !!! La pratique du gavage est terrible et insupportable ! Bon courage à toi mon amie ! Bises

  15. I didn't realise foie-gras was still happening - my heart was really saddened - I felt awful for those poor geese :( Your other photos are beautiful xx

    1. That's a big shame ! Some people here try to change this and I know that some countries refuse to import this product as the animals will be force-fed ! I hope it'll change very quickly I'm so so sad for them !

  16. So sad, that cruelty and beauty comes so close together!
    Greetings, Vanessa

  17. Poor geese indeed... :(
    Your pictures are amazing, as always, I particularly like the forest shots, lovely! xx

  18. Thank you for sharing some of your beautiful countryside in detail. I have often admired the countryside that I see on TV when they broadcast the Tour de France. I had no idea about the fois gras, have never eaten it and now I never will. You are doing an important job raising awareness of animal cruelty.
    I especially appreciate your photos of the poppies - you may be aware that I have been crocheting poppies for weeks now but did you know I have had all sorts of trouble in finding a good photo that highlights their natural structures? Your photo shows plenty of detail and I would love to use your photo as a reference for future poppy designs if that's ok with you. Therefore you can expect me to be re-visiting this page plenty of times for your beautiful photos - such great inspiration not just for poppies but other projects as well. I hope the weather fines up for you soon. :-) x



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