mercredi 29 avril 2015

I'm happy when ...

I'm happy when on a sunny day I can wash my blankets and put them out to dry ...

Blanket crocheted 3 years ago with Icelandic wool, Lètt Lopi
I'm happy when after the draw for the 3 winners of my giveaway, I'm preparing the parcels ...

I want the winners, Fiona, Valentina and Anna to get some real surprises. I love making surprises ! 
I really hope they'll appreciate the choice I've made of yarns and the other little things. 
Dear winners, you should receive them very soon. They were all posted last monday ... 

I'm happy when I can work on my fleeces sitting in the grass ...

With my beloved cat Agathe

And with a blackbird singing in my cherry tree just above my head

I'm happy when my tulips, bellflowers and dandelions are blooming ...

I'm happy to see my beautiful keria, "corrête du Japon"

and my snowballs bush slowly blooming ...

I'm happy when I can be the witness of natural and instinctive behaviors even if it seems to be crual. 

but not only ... 
What are they watching ?!

I'm happy when some rosebuds are there ...

You've understood that I love being outdoors ! I'm lucky to have this garden ! 
But this week the weather is cold ... so cold that I have to turn on the heating in the house !!! 
I'll be back in my garden later ... I hope very soon ! 

Please Take Care
See you soon ! 

21 commentaires:

  1. Oui, il fait froid ici aujourd 'hui aussi. J'ai hâte de reçevoir ton paquet Géraldine. (is this correct?)

    1. Tout à fait correct, ton français est bon !!! Patience... il va arriver !!! bises

    2. Ton paquet est arrivé ce matin, je ne sais pas quoi dire! Tu es trés généreuse, beaucoup de bonnes choses.
      Merci mille fois Géraldine.
      à bientôt. bises.

  2. Geraldine, I so love your lovely garden with all the beautiful blooms. What a lovely time in the garden with your Agathe and the black bird singing over your head.

  3. lovely photos
    new post:

  4. Moi aussi j'aime les sunny days.
    Bonne journée

  5. I am happy when....I see all your pics that always beautiful!
    I am happy when....I see all the crocheted work you made!
    I am happy when....I stopped by here just to say hello!!!
    Gros becs.

  6. Agathe makes ME happy! She has so many expressions on her face. :-)

    Knit happy!

  7. You have such a lovely garden, with a lot of my fav plants. I love bluebells but they don't grow here, it's too hot and dry. I love the song of the red winged blackbird. Miss Agathe is having a great day!! Your lopi blanket is so beautiful, it must be so nice and warm to cuddle up with! Have a great day!

  8. Lovely photos Geraldine, I love being outside too but like you our weather is so cold this week, time to be indoors again unfortunately !

  9. So pretty pictures! I really like your beautifull cat! And she is so busy :-)
    Don't worry, time is coming again to stay outside!

  10. I'm happy for you !:) Le bonheur est contagieux, tu me cones le sourire avec ces merveilleuses photos ! Merci ! :)

  11. As I already told you I received your gifts today, but I wanted to thank you once more, I really really loved them! xx
    Lovely post too, that blanket looks great, and your photos are stunning, as usual! xx

  12. You have a pretty garden, and Agathe is a real character! Our cat Clover likes to find all the comfiest places to sleep too. Your crocheted blanket is gorgeous - you may well be needing it again, now that the weather has turned chilly!
    Cathy x

  13. Your cat is soooooo adorable!!!!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  14. All your photos sum up a delightful day spent outside in your yard. Your cat seems to be enjoying himself too. We have redwinged blackbirds here and their song just says "Spring!" to me. I try to keep them around all summer, but they are marsh loving birds and will come for the seeds early on, but then I think they head back to the marsh and the lake. I love those first warm days of late spring, when the sun warms, but it's still a bit chilly when the clouds drift overhead. It's still a bit chilly, but I have the patio door open regardless as the fresh air smells so good. Enjoy your weekend :) Wendy

  15. Such a happy and gorgeous post today.

  16. I'm happy for you, and for myself too, reading this post



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