lundi 9 mars 2015


One week ago I was still in spain for holidays and for visiting my father-in-law who lives nearby Alicante. 
Many things surprised me. 

Il y a une semaine, j'étais encore en vacances en Espagne, rendant visite à mon beau-père installé dans la région d'Alicante. 
Plusieurs choses m'ont surprises. 

Surprisingly and pleasantly there are so many blooming flowers.
Agréablement surprise par toutes ces fleurs épanouies. 

Surprisingly, it's a place so arid. 
I'm not found of that type of landscape. 
But I had sun and the warmth was soooo good especially for my painful joins (arthrosis) .... 
Surprise par ces paysages arides dont je ne suis pas spécialement fan. Mais j'ai eu du soleil ce qui était plutôt agréable surtout pour mes articulations douloureuses (arthrose) ... 

Surprisingly, there are amazing trees.
Surprise par ces arbres incroyables. 

Surprisingly, there are so many wild cats on the piers and on the beaches. 
Surprise par tous ces chats sauvages sur les jetées et les plages. 

It doesn't seem to be a hard life ...
Some of them play ! 

But some of them seem to be ill especially at the eyes.

This poor kitty has lost one of his/her eye ... he/she is still alive.

Many of them seem to live peacefully ... 

They have their territory and they defend it !

The inhabitants all around feed them

A beauty approached us ...

... to get his cuddles !! 

I spent a lot of time with them and to snapshot them. I have hundred and hundred of pics !!!  A paradise for me !!! 
J'ai passé pas mal de temps auprès d'eux et j'ai fait des centaines de clichés !! Un paradis pour moi ! 

Surprisingly, when I came back home, a nice friend-blogger sent me 2 sweet and cute blankets she knitted for my collect I've set up in the town for the cat shelters !!! Thanks a lot Janine !!!!  
You can visit her here and here

Surprise de recevoir ces 2 couvertures pour chats tricotées par une copinaute et destinées à ma collecte pour les refuges animaliers. Merci beaucoup Janine !!!!
Vous pouvez lui rendre une petite visite ici et ici

Surprisingly, I can easily spin again although I stopped 2 weeks ago. I thought it was harder to do it again. Not at all ! 
See below the bobbins I've made this sunday in only one hour. I'm happy to be able to keep these new skills as good as ever.

Surprise de ne pas avoir perdu la main au filage au rouet. Je pensais reprendre avec davantage de difficultés puisque n'ayant pas pratiqué pendant plus de 2 semaines. Et bien, pas du tout ! 
Voyez ci-dessous ce que j'ai filé dimanche en seulement une heure. 
Je suis contente de constater que mes compétences acquises restent intactes. 

Surprisingly, I saw these flowers in my garden this week end ! 
Surprise de voir ces fleurs dans mon jardin ce week end ! 

Surprisingly and pleasantly spring is the air ...

So please take care
See you soon ! 

21 commentaires:

  1. It seems you've had a fantastic time in Spian. And all these really beautyful cats, you might thing that they would look more poor living outsinde in the streets but they look amazingly, but still poor cats... How nice to get a cuddle from you!
    Have a happy week!!!

  2. I've loved looking at these pictures, especially the cats' ones... : )
    Your spinning is incredibly good, too!

  3. Some truly beautiful photos and what a talent you have for spinning.

  4. De belles photos !!! Tu as fait le "plein" de soleil et de chats !!!
    Le printemps arrive aussi chez toi !
    Bonne semaine autour de ton rouet !

  5. Spain looks lovely and your cat photos are beautiful...most of them look very healthy.
    Bonne Semaine. x

  6. Beautiful photos!!
    Have a great week.:*

  7. Those trees are amazing. Your photos are all great. The spinning has come on really well.

  8. tous ces matous, quel bonheur !

  9. The kitty you petted is gorgeous! They must eat okay. Some of them were pretty chubby! LOL

    I'm glad you had a nice vacation.

  10. Beautiful pics! Those cat aren't hungry I think!
    Have a nice week!

  11. Beautiful photos Geraldine, glad you had a lovely time in Spain!
    Those poor cats, I'm sure they don't have an easy life.
    V x

  12. It's beautiful there, almost like summer already. That is a lot of cats! Most of them look very healthy, they must be doing okay.

  13. Traumhaft schöne Bilder!!! Die Gegend um Alicante ist wirklich wunderschön.
    Ganz herzliche Grüße

  14. Wow c'est magnifique! Et tous ces matous c'est fou! ^^ Tu m’étonnes que c'est le paradis! ^^

  15. Lovely pics Geraldine and the trees are just amazing, aren't they? Those little cats are all beautiful ♥ x
    Susan x

  16. I've also just come back from Spain, Geraldine. I hope you enjoyed the trip, the photos are gorgeous.

  17. Your cat pictures are beautiful. Amazing there are so many of them living out in the open like that. So glad you had a wonderful trip and a special treat to come home to.

  18. Hope your joints are feeling better, such lovely pics of spain. those flowers are stunning, and I can't get over how many cats there are! There must be some fights for territory!

  19. Thank goodness for Spring and warm weather. Enjoyed all the pics.
    xx Beca

  20. Merci pour ce beau voyage en photos.
    Chez moi aussi crocus et primevères ont pointé le bout de leur nez.

  21. Loved all the pictures, especially the cat ones.



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