lundi 16 mars 2015

Blue days

Since few days, the weather has been warm and bright. I can't enjoy it as I want to because I have to work all day long ... But when I have free hours I'm trying to make the most of the new lives outside in my garden. 

Depuis quelques jours, le temps est plutôt clément doux et lumineux. Mais je ne peux en profiter comme je voudrais, devant travailler ! Toutefois lorsque j'ai quelques heures de libres, je tente d'en profiter au mieux dans mon jardin. 

The daffodils are blooming only now ! I like leaving them in my garden and not picking and putting them in a vase. 

Les jonquilles fleurissent seulement maintenant. J'aime les laisser dans mon jardin et je ne les coupe pas pour les mettre en vase. 

There're violets ...
Il y a des violettes ...

and some daisies ... 
Et quelques pâquerettes... 

Some lives are growing slowly. 
Like my fir trees. 

Certaines vies sont en bourgeons.
Comme mes sapins. 

Like my greengage.
Comme mon arbre à reine-claudes. 

Like my roses.
Commes mes rosiers. 

Like this tree of which I don't know the name...
Comme cet arbre dont je ne connais pas le nom...

And like my blue minis hexis rippled blanket ...
Et comme ma couverture bleue...

My blue blanket is growing ... 
Its current size : 170 x 160 cms. 

And it's not finished ! 
I'll finish it when I feel it. I have no plan for the end and I have not yet thought to its final size. 
Needless to say that this blanket is a real pleasure to crochet because of the 100% wool mostly used for it.
Because also I use up my blue stash yarn.
Because I use so many shades of blue ... it's like being under a blue sky in spring or summer ...
That means I really need bright blue skies and sunshine !!! 

Et elle n'est pas finie !!
Je la finirai quand je le sentirai. Je n'ai pas encore réfléchi à sa taille définitive. 
Pas besoin de dire que cette couverture est un vraie bonheur à crocheter étant essentiellement du 100 % laine.
Un bonheur également parce que j'utilise tous mes restes de laine bleue...
Un bonheur parce qu'il y a tant de nuances de bleu que c'est comme être sous un ciel bleu de printemps ou d'été...
Ce qui veut dire que j'ai vraiment besoin de ciel bleu et de soleil !!! 

I really hope that wherever you are you still have sunny and warm weather and ... a bright blue sky !!

I thank you all for your lovely comments in my previous posts ... you're adorable !! 

Please, Take Care
See you soon ! 

20 commentaires:

  1. De belles fleurs annonçant le printemps !!!! De belles photos ! Et une magnifique couverture aux couleurs du ciel !!!
    Une bonne semaine !

  2. Les jonquilles, je ne les coupe moi non plus, je prefere les contempler dans le jardin.Tes photos sont empreignees d'une lumiere qui arrive au coeur chere Geraldine... Tes travaux de crochet, ils sont a admirer...
    Une belle semaine!

  3. Wow, a beautiful post of Spring with lovely photos. I love the blanket, a real delight, stunning.

  4. You have such a wonderful garden! Hope there will be even more flowers soon when spring is there in full force!

    The blanket is a real beauty - it will be perfect for summer days!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  5. I love the blanket, and all these nice Spring pictures, even more since it's been snowing and raining for a couple of days now...

  6. The blanket is so beautiful, it's been clody here today but the Spring flower are blooming away.
    Clare x

  7. Your blanket reminds me of the rolling of the ocean. Very pretty colors.

  8. I love the colours of your blanket and its design . It is very summery and reminds me of holidays by the sea!
    Greetings from Greece,

  9. Your blue blanket is very uplifting and you're lucky to have found violets already - how lovely! Such pretty pictures too :)
    Cathy x

  10. Comme ces fleurs sont jolies ! Et ta couverture est tellement agréable à regarder... Bravo Géraldine !

  11. Nous avons eu un ciel bleu aujourd 'hui au Sud d'Angleterre.
    Ta couverture est trés belle. x

  12. Oh you take such beautiful pictures! Those flowers made me so happy and I love your blanket!! Those blues are so pretty and calming :)

  13. Gorgeous photos Geraldine, I especially love the little violets!
    Your blanket looks amazing.
    V x

  14. Belles photos !! enfin le printemps arrive

  15. Gosh, absolutely fab photos and I adore your blanket...drool! x

  16. Your garden is so vibrant and pretty! I would spend all the time I could out there too. Your blanket is coming along well. Those big projects tend to go slowly but the end result is worth it. I enjoy seeing them grow. Enjoy your Spring weather.
    xx Beca

  17. Isn't it wonderful to see the garden waking up from it's winter sleep? It's like a fairy tale.
    A wonderful blanket - reminds me of the sea.

  18. The blue blanket is incredible, it reminds me of the sky and the sea. Such a gorgeous pattern. Good luck with the finish,

  19. I love the hexie-ripple sandwich effect!

  20. Hello, I love your crochet, it is beauty, I love this colors, I follow your blog, I have a blog about crochet with free patterns and free crochet diagrams, visit me , hugs from Brazil.
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