lundi 23 février 2015

Some nice WIP...

Some nice Wip I want to show you before going ... 
... on holydays. 
I'm going to Spain for visiting my father-in-law and I'll stay there 7 days ... just the time to take a breathe and to recharge my batteries.

During the last days I've worked on my blue mini-hexagons rippled blanket. 
I let you see ... 

Its current size is 170 x 66 cms// 67 x 26 inches. 
It'll be a very big blanket !  

At the same time, I still spin with my new wheel ... 
I was pleasantly surprised by reading, in your kind comments in my previous post, that some of you are inspired by my fantastic experience and then plan to learn spinning too ... It's wonderful and so rewarding for me !

For some of you who own a spinning wheel, you should use it, try it, learn how to spin. 
I understand that you don't dare. It took me 2 years before starting it ! 
Spinning seems to be difficult. And it is at the very beginning, at least for me it wasn't easy to draft. But when you get the right movement and the coordination between the two hands... it's magical. It's such a sensation in your fingers ...
I could spin hours and hours ...

Below, my first skeins after handwashing and drying with a weight.
I twisted the yarn to make the skeins. Ready to be windered and knitted.

It's not perfect but ... it's a beginning and I'm glad to make them usable ! 
The next step for this yarn is the knitting ... 

I hope that some of you will take the plunge ... one day and that we can share our experiences together. That would be nice ! 

Well, for now I need to relax... lot of work last weeks ... 
I'll be back in 8-10 days ...
Before leaving, I want to thank you all for stopping by, for your nice comments and for your kindness ... 

Please, Take Care
and See you Soon 

20 commentaires:

  1. Enjoy your holidays!!! My fingers are crossed you will have a wonderful time in Spain!!

    Your blanket looks amazing - love the little diamonds inbetween the ripples!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  2. Traumhaft schön! Die Decke wird super!
    Dir eine schöne Woche

  3. Have a wonderful holiday! Your blanket is just beautiful! I have blanket envy ;) and that wool is lovely :)

  4. His blanket is very beautiful and the colors are very Mediterranean! I hope that your trip to Spain will good! What place you will go? I live in Catalonia! A big hug, Géraldine! Kisses!!!!!!!!

  5. I agree with all your experiences in spinning, it's magic and meditation. Your first yarn looks fine and also your blanket.
    Have great days in Spain, Birgit

  6. Spinning, as other crafts, was once supposed to bring the spinner closer to their inner selves, so I do see it as a magic craft - another reason why I really want to learn! Your wool looks beautiful btw, just like your blanket - my, are you quick! ; )
    Wish you a lovely holiday, enjoy your resting time! xx

  7. Gorgeous!!
    I actually understand what a job is to do a bid blanket...
    Bonne vacances et envoi nous un peu de chaleur, on en a bien besoin!!!

  8. Superbe couverture !!!!
    Profites de ces quelques jours de repos !

  9. Your blue blanket is stunning Geraldine and I love your yarn!!
    Enjoy Spain. :)
    V x

  10. La couverture est superbe.
    J'aime beaucoup les couleurs des laines
    Je te souhaite un bon tricot ainsi qu'un agréable séjour en Espagne.

  11. Dear Geraldine,
    your blanket looks fantastic, just like the sea :-) Have a happy holiday and take care :-)

  12. Ta couverture bleu est superbe. Bonne vacances Géraldine.

  13. Fantastic, so beautiful blanket!!
    Happy holiday.:*

  14. Profite bien de cette parenthèse de vacances pour te ressourcer!
    Et ta couverture ... magnifique! Jadore ce dégradé de bleus et ces motifs hexagones et vagues qui se succedent... des envies de grand large?
    Et on attends toujours les nouvelles aventures de notre fileuse chef preferee!
    Bonne vacances! Bises:-)

  15. Very pretty WIP! I'm going to Barcelona next week for a long weekend, so I'm excited for both of us!!!
    Have a great time, hope we have nice weather.

  16. Your blue blanket is simply wonderful Geraldine. Tu debordes d'energie, c'est admirant vraiment. L'Espagne je l'adore, je te souhaite de tres beaux jours la-bas.
    Take care et a bientot!

  17. Your hexagon ripple blanket is so interesting, I've never seen that design before now. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing holiday.

  18. Your blue blanket is coming along nicely, and your yarn looks so good! How satisfying to spin your very own yarn which you can then knit with. Have a lovely holiday, Geraldine :)
    Cathy x

  19. Magnifique projet ! Amuse-toi bien :-)



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