lundi 22 décembre 2014

Last days before Christmas

Final preparations before Christmas !
I've finished wrapping all of my gifts ! 
I like wrapping !! I've always liked doing it !! 
This year, on Christmas night, we are only M. and me. 
We meet our families in the middle of January...
So, it will be a quiet and peaceful evening. 

Dernière ligne droite avant Noël !
Mes paquets sont tous prêts !! 
Over the last 8 days, I've knitted a shawl for a good friend of mine who wants to give one to her mother. 
To be on time, I had to knit as often I could, every free minute I could have !
And with 800 meters of yarn, 
after many many hours of knitting, 
I've finished it. You can see it here while it's blocking. 

Durant ces huit derniers jours, j'ai tricoté un châle pour une amie qui désire en offrir un à sa mère. 
Pour être dans les temps, il m'a fallu tricoter dès que j'avais quelques minutes devant moi. 
Au final, après 800 mètres de laine, 
au bout d'un nombre d'heures que je ne compte pas, 
voici le châle au blocage. 
I don't have any special kit for blocking so I make it on four thin foam mattresses (usually used for camping) covered with big towels. 
I pin to shape the shawl and let it dry during 48 hours. 

Je n'ai pas de kit spécial pour le blocage. Je l'affectue sur des tapis de mousse (réservés au camping) recouverts de grandes serviettes de toilette et j'épingle. 
Je le laisse en blocage 48 heures. 
This shawl is knitted in Kinna with 6 mm needles (US 10). The color is grege.
The pattern is Gingko Shoulderette Shawl but knitted in bigger and larger size. 
The lace begun when I've had 251stitches in total : 122 sts between the central stitch and the edge. 

 Ce châle a été tricoté en Kinna (Cheval blanc), en 6mm, colori grege. 
Le modèle choisi est le Gingko Shoulderette Shawl 
Il est tricoté plus grand et large que le modèle de Maggie Magali.
La dentelle démarre ici avec 122 mailles de chaque côté de la maille et la bordure, soit avec 251 mailles au total. 
At the end, I've finished the shawl with 319 stitches. 
Au total, au dernier rang, j'ai terminé avec 319 mailles.
Its size : 244 x 125 cms/  96,1 x 49,25 inches. 
It's so sweet and so large that this lady shall wrap it around her. That was the aim. My friend wanted a shawl big enough to be worn on a coat.

Le voici sorti du blocage. 
Il est super doux et enveloppant ! Il est suffisament grand pour être porté au dessus d'un manteau. 
I'm sorry for these bad pictures. I was alone to take them and it was impossible to get one which give us a very good idea of the size ! It's too big !!!  

Je suis désolée pour la piètre qualité de ces photos. Mais étant seule pour les faire, il m'a été impossible d'en faire une sur laquelle on peut vraiment se rendre compte de la taille de ce châle. Il est trop grand !!!

At the same time, I've had to finish a photos-holder that is a gift for my mother.
J'ai également du terminer un tableau porte-photos que j'ai conçu pour ma mère. 
I made it with a fabric stuck on a canvas.
Il est construit à partir d'un tissu collé sur une toile. 
I've used 3 strings to put the mini pegs on which the photos can be hold. The strings were tied up on the back. I had to pull at very strongly to make the strings tough enough to carry the pegs and the photos. 
The mini pegs I've chosen are with angels and roses because my mother likes both. 

Ma mère aimant les anges, je lui ai donc naturellement choisi ces petites épingles ainsi que quelques roses. 
A l'arrière, j'attache des cordelettes qui vont servir à épingler les photos. Il faut vraiment tirer fort ces cordelettes pour qu'elle supportent le poids des épingles et des photos sur le devant.  
I've made a triple knot !! 

Well, on sunday, I took the time to make the Christmas curtains for my living room. I've been waiting to make them for many weeks.  
To make them faster, I didn't sew them but cut the edges with zig zag scissors. This method avoids sewing hems and it's tough, the threads of the fabric don't fray ! 

Et enfin, ce dimanche, j'ai pris le temps de faire les petits rideaux spécial Noël que j'avais en tête pour mon salon depuis pas mal de semaines. 
Pour gagner du temps, je n'ai pas fait d'ourlets mais j'ai coupé tous les bords aux ciseaux crantés. Cela évite des ourlets et l'avantage est que ça tient bien, le fil ne s'effiloche pas. 
M. is reserved about these curtains because he says they are not christmassy enough ! That's right they don't have the Christmas traditional colors : dark green, red and white.  
But I see them so fresh and gorgeous ...
I think he's gonna get to them slowly .... 

M. est réservé à leur sujet parce que selon lui, ce ne sont pas des rideaux de Noël ! Il est vrai que les couleurs des tissus ne sont pas traditionnelles (vert sapin, rouge et blanc). Mais cela change un peu et je les trouve si frais et lumineux.... 
Je pense qu'il va progressivement s'habituer. 
 My room ...
On the left of the picture, you can see my little crip on the furniture. And each day, this is what I find :  
She seems loving my crip !!! Maybe thus she's feeling less alone ...
Ooohh I love her so much !!! She brightens my days and makes me so happy !  

Well, now it's time to wish you a very happy and merry Christmas !!! 
Enjoy your time
 See you soon ! 

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  1. The shawl is very beautiful and it's clear that you have put a lot of work into it. I'm sure that it's recipient will be delighted with it. With the Christmas curtains up your home looks very pretty, and your cat makes me laugh. Mine does the same, sleeping in or on things that we'd rather she didn't. Have a lovely Christmas!
    Cathy x

    1. Thanks Cathy ! Yeah that's why I love cats ..... they are so funny !!!! Have a happy Christmas !!

  2. I really love that shawl, and your cat is adorable - and very similar to mine, a bit more grey maybe, mine's white, red and black... but cats are all cute anyway!! : )
    Wish you a wonderful Xmas already, in case we don't meet again before! xx

    1. I wish you a very happy Christmas too !!! Thanks for everythings ! Hugs ....

  3. voici de bien jolis décors et un bel ouvrage au tricot réalisé avec patience et savoir-faire, le blocage le met bien en valeur. joyeux noël, bise.

    1. Merci à toi ! Tu vois bloqué, il est bien !! Joyeux Noël à toi .... bises

  4. Un beau châle avec une couleur bien douce ! Un joli tableau pour photos et de jolies décos !!!!
    Un Joyeux Noël !

    1. Merci à toi Anna ! Passes de joyeuses fêtes également ! Et plein de surprises !!!!! Bises

  5. You really pack in a lot of work in the last few days before Christmas!! The shawl is just gorgeous! The neutral colour will make it so versatile to wear with many different colours, and I love the deep lace edging. You will be making someone very happy this Christmas :) I think your Christmas curtains are so cute too! The birds make the fabric quite winter like, and they look so nice in your living room. Your tree is very nice too! I think if I let my dog up on furniture, he would love to make a cozy nest just like your cat! He loves to cuddle and be cozy, and although he's about 35 lbs, he thinks he just the right size to jump in our laps and curl up for a snooze. Have a very Merry Christmas Geraldine! Wendy xox

    1. Thnaks a lot Wendy ! This pattern of shawl is great, that's right ! Have a very happy Christmas !! hugs to you and you dog ... :-))))

  6. Hi Geraldine, your shawl is simply stunning, I am not sure I could have parted with it, hope the recipient loves it, so chic.
    Your fabric tastes are wonderful, lovely to see the light through your big windows, very pretty indeed.
    Have a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful Christmas.
    Love your kitty-they are so funny, they do make us smile-a lot.
    All the best
    Helen x

    1. Thanks Helen ! I wish you too a very happy Christmas ! Hugs ...

  7. Piękna chusta, mama będzie zadowolona ! Dziękuję za odwiedziny i zapraszam ponownie . Życzę Ci szczęśliwych i zdrowych Świąt

  8. Bonjour Géraldine! I love that beautiful beautiful shawl, it's gorgeous!! What a lovely gift , that's a lot of knitting!!! Your curtains are lovely, so bright and cheerful. We used to have four cats, they were always into everything and sat or slept in the funniest places. I miss them a lot! Now we have our daughters dog , he's a character and lots if fun but he is not a kitty !! Have a happy holiday Joyeux Noël!!

    1. Bonjour Chris and thanks for your kindness.... I wish you a very very happy Christmas night .... Hugs xx

  9. That is a beautiful shawl and not too big. It's good for wrapping up snuggly.

    Love the kitty picture. I can't imagine how cats get where they do without knocking everything over. LOL

    1. Thanks Dee ! I wish you too a merry Christmas !! Joyeux Noël to you and your family.... Hugs

  10. The shawl is so very beautyful! I love it and I'm quite sure that teh mother of your friend will love it aswell and your little cat is really sweet. I wish you a merry Christmas aswell and all the best for the upcoming year!
    Joyeux Noel ;o)

    1. Danke Vanessa ! I hope that she'll like it and wear it as my friend wants het to do !!!! I wish you too a very very happy Christmas ... Hugs

  11. So many thoughful gifts! I am not very good at wrapping but I try to get better... The boyfriend has a lot more talent than me. :P

    I adore your cat! SOOOO cute!

    Take care

  12. I love everything you have made. That shawl is incredible. Wishing you a wonderful Holiday.

  13. Gorgeous shawl, absolutely amazing work! Your little cat made me smile. :)
    Happy Christmas Geraldine, have a wonderful time!
    V x



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