mardi 9 décembre 2014

Christmas Wreaths

You're probably surprised to read my words in english !!!
Well, I've decided to write in English too from now !!
It's an idea I've been thinking of for several weeks now, noticing that 95 % of my followers are foreigners...
So, I hope you'll be glad with this decision and I hope you'll tell me about all sentences that sound strange. 
And of course many thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments .... I adore reading all of them ! 

My post today is about Christmas Wreaths.
 They are home decorations really easy to make. 
Here, I show you my personal how-to make one wreath. 

To begin, you need a ring in polystyrene. Mine is 40 cms in diameter. Then you need acrylic yarn to crochet a rectangle of 25 stitches and 106 rows made of half-trebles. I use a 4mm hook and different colors from my yarn stash. 
The rectangle is sewed all around the ring on the wrong side. At the end, we have this wreath :
To trim it, I use many little things like ribbons, 
some beads, small tinsel garlands, some fancy buttons, pearlized head pins, some golden and silver threads ... 
Some mini wooden pegs in differents shapes : trees, Santa Claus, mooses, snowmen, stars, angels, roses... , some pompoms, some small baubles ....
Let have a look closely : 
The baubles and the pompoms are kept with straight pins. 
The tinsel garlands are put all around the weath and held with straight pins too. 
The buttons are sewed on the crocheted rectangle with a curved needle.  
The ribbons are fixed with pearlized head pins. 
The breads are fixed with straight pins. 
 The vegetable ornaments are simply pushed into the polystyrene.
The wooden pegs are just clipped in spaces between the stitches.
Of course, some crocheted ornements can be sewed on it too.
You can see here that some buttons are not sewed but fixed with pins (see the white heart). 

I like making this kind of decorations because the result is changing according to the colors of the yarn and the things you put on it. You can play with the colors and the ornaments. It's really pleasant to make. 

The two following wreaths are for my husband's office. He wanted one for his door and one for the office. 

The 2 next wreaths are for our house ...
These wreaths complete my christmas decorations I showed you on my previous post. 

Happy hooking
Happy knitting ! 

See you soon ! 

23 commentaires:

  1. Waoh Géraldine! That's great! Now I can understand you much better ;) However... I was learning French ;)

    Very nice your Christmas Wreaths!!! Thanks for your tutorial :)

    Have a great week!

  2. Wooh! English! When I started to read your post I was like: Huh, since when do I understand French that good - until I realized it was actually English. :) thanks for taking the effort to write in English for us!!

    The wreath is very lovely. Thank you for showing us how it was made! Where will you hang it up?

    Take care

  3. Wow, that's a change! As you noticed I decided to write in English on my blog too... : )
    Anyway, talking about the crafts: what a lovely wreath!
    Wish you a nice week! xx

  4. Your English is amazing, well done. The wreath is a real delight, a wonderful tutorial and a great decoration.

  5. Dear Geraldine!
    So sweet to start writing in English! As you know my French is not the best! I really like your wreath, I've seen something like this with autumn decoration at Lucy (attic24), I guess you'll know her! But you're are really happily christmas looking!

  6. Superbe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bonne journée !

  7. Fantastic,so beautiful wreaths,lovely little decorations!!!
    Have a nice evening.:*

  8. Amazing wreaths. They are so decorative! Your English is indeed very good. Didn't have any issues reading. :-) I feel proud whenever my husband likes something I make, you must be super proud as he is going to use the two wreaths at his workplace. :-)

  9. These wreaths are gorgeous. I'm so glad you have decided to write in English. I'm sorry to say that none of my foreign languages are very good. Your English is excellent!

  10. Thank you for writing in English - your English is very good :) The wreaths are lovely, and I especially like the roses and blackberries - so pretty :)
    Cathy x

  11. It was great to read your post in English, Google translate doesn't always work that well. Love love your wreaths, they are so colourful, fun and creative!! Thanks for posting such a great tutorial. Have a good week!!

  12. Great! I'm so happy taht you deciding to write in english! For me sometimes is a little bit difficult to express my feeling in a foreing language::: anyway I hope to improve post after post :) The Christmas Wreaths is beautiful even without decoration and the finished one is super cute!

  13. These wreaths look fantastic!! All so playful and colourful. I think it's great that your husband wanted two for his office ... how sweet :) It's nice to be able to read your blog in English without translating ... the translations were a bit sketchy and confusing at times. Enjoy your week! Wendy x

  14. The wreath is fabulous, and thank you for writing in English. I always hit the translation button but now I don't have to!

  15. Tes lectrices ont l'air d'apprécier que tu écrives en anglais. Pour ma part, je préférais quand tu écrivais en français, c'était quand même plus facile. Ta couronne est très originale, je pense que j'essaierai d'en faire une comme celle-ci l'an prochain. Bonne journée...

    1. T'inquiètes pas ! pour les autres posts, j'écrirai aussi en français mais là, je voulais marquer un peu le coup !! Bonne journée et merci !

  16. Christmas English pour une jolie couronne de Noël.
    mince ! je n'ai pas trouvé le traducteur en français, je vais devoir faire beaucoup de progrès pour te lire désormais...

  17. Congratulations! J'adore lire en anglais! j'ai plus de mal à m'exprimer "fluently" comme toi, mais c'est super pour progresser :). N'oublies pas tes fideles lectices francophones quand meme ... ;) Ta couronne (tres british) et le tuto sont super! Good evening! Kiss

    1. Non non je ne vais pas vous oublier .... je vais écrire dans les deux langues. Sacré défi pour moi aussi faut pas croire !! Je lis bcp en anglais et j'étudie avec Vocable qui me permet de progresser mais bon ... s'exprimer est autre chose ! Benne soirée ! bises

  18. The wreaths are wonderful, as is your ability to blog in English! I am embarrassed to admit I do not speak a second language, and have always regretted not learning when I was younger. I tried learning Chinese a few years ago, but it was a complete fail. :-)

  19. Your wreathes are very, very lovely! I'm so glad you're writing in English, although I'd still more than happily read your wonderful blog in French (I found you via the kind comment you left on my sewing blog - thank you for that!), how fabulous to be able to write in another language, and you do it very well, I can understand some French and German but I'd never be able to write in either. Beth/The Linen Cat

  20. Cute wreaths. The Santa and snowman are adorable.

    I didn't mind using a translation program to read your blog, but seeing it in English makes it a bit easier. Thank you.

    Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année



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